If you're constructing new home then you would certainly use the best material and involve a reliable architect and engineer to construct your dream home but you would also want to buy warranty for your newly constructed home.

Self build home warranty is to save your home from latent construction and design defects, if there are any and if there are no defects and the property remains in good physical condition then you would need warranty for mortgaging your property or for selling it. The warranty is approved by Council of Mortgage Companies and all High Street Lenders accept the warranty.


Buy warranty

Approach as many insurers as you can and get quotes of their policies. When you have enough quotes, you can compare policies and choose the best. It is simple and you would be able to buy the most affordable policy in this manner. You need to compare policies to see pros and cons of a policy.


The insurers would provide you an approximate quote of their policies after going through the details of your property. An insurer can provide exact quote of his policy only after inspecting your property. He would want to examine the construction quality and also see the technical design of the property to determine its physical condition and work-out a figure for its policy.

Finding right policy could be a tedious job considering the homework needed to be done for locating a policy. Here you can take help of an expert that can do the basic job that is to get quotes from insurers and also suggest you right policy.

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